More Pictures

Here are four more pictures which are among my animal favorites.  Click on a picture to enlarge it:

Clicking on the enlarged picture opens a slightly larger version.


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9 responses to “More Pictures

  1. Tony Hansen

    I did not recognize you straight away. I always assumed you would be much taller 🙂
    My assumptions always get me in the end.

  2. RomanM

    Alright, I give up, which of the five individuals pictured here did you think was me?

  3. Tony Hansen

    The first? Like a bird? – Able to cover much ground very quickly, a broader perpective than others.
    The second? Like a cat? – Always lands on its feet, can see clearly in the gloom of post-modern science.
    The third? Like a canine? – Can easily track things down. Loyal, courageous.
    The fourth? Like a donkey? – Hard working, sure footed, can carry a heavy burden.
    The fifth? – The fifth amendment? Maybe where I should have started (and stopped). 🙂

  4. RomanM

    Let me see now,

    Like a dead (but colorful!) bird that suicided on a window…

    Like a cat who used to hide out in an underwear drawer…

    Like a dog who liked eating things like a wallet (which he returned worse for wear later!) and a professor’s official file among other things…

    Like a donkey (in the U.S. Virgin islands) tarted up presumably on the way to a Christmas party…

    … and finally a Rasta Santa in a market place.

    Faint praise indeed!

  5. Tony Hansen

    So the bird was not just pining?

    And if Haile Selassie was the messiah, I really don’t get how the ‘Rasta Santa’ thing can work.
    Unless it is just another excuse for a rasta party.

  6. steven mosher


    Over at lucias someboday asked how to calculate stats on a ratio. I recall us ( maybe it was UC) discussing this on CA back in 2007, I can’t remember how to do it and lost my Rice mathematical data analysis and stats book.
    Can you help

    • RomanM

      Re: steven mosher (undefined NaN NaN:NaN),

      I hate to give you an incomplete answer, but the answer depends on which statistics you are talking about and whether the numerator and denominator are independent.

      I will try to take a glance at Lucia’s blog later. I am currently vacationing in Las Vegas with my wife for several days so I need to pay more attention to site-seeing with her instead of sitting in front of the computer like I do at home 😉 .

  7. Dave Dardinger

    BTW, the bird is a male Blackburnian Warbler in breeding plumage. I recognized it immediately, but did check my bird book to be sure I remembered correctly.

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